The legendary actress Rekha of Hindi cinema never wanted to be a hero. At the same time, when his first Hindi film, ‘Sawan Bhado’, was released, his whole life changed. Rekha had said during an interview that she wanted to live life as an ordinary woman. In which there is a loving husband and children. Rekha shared about her life in an interview.

Sharing about her life, Rekha Personal Life said that she wanted to live her life as an ordinary woman. She wanted to have a loving husband, a person who would take great care of her. Rekha also shared that she wanted to take care of many children. Rekha, while sharing her life story, recounted that she started acting during school. At school, Rekha’s friends were jealous of her success, Rekha’s friends used to say that she could never become a hero.

Rekha Hindi Films said that when her movies were super successful, her friends from school used to get jealous. After Sawan Bhado’s release, jealousy increased greatly. There have been ups and downs in Rekha’s life. His film career always shone but his personal life always remained like a sinking ship. Let us tell you that Rekha was married to a businessman named Mukesh Agarwal in 1990. After a year of marriage, Mukesh Aggarwal died by suicide. After her husband’s death, Rekha was also told that she was responsible in many ways.

The Rekha name was also associated with many big stars in the film industry. The story of Rekha and Amitabh Bachchan is also seen many times from a loving point of view. Rekha has played the magic of her skill and beauty all over the world. Rekha’s TV Shows After working on many films, she has now distanced herself from the big screen, but she often shows her style on reality shows.



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