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Rekha and Kiran Kumar’s relationship broke up because of “a glass of milk”? This whole story will surprise you

 Rekha and Kiran Kumar's relationship broke up because of

Rekha, one of the most experienced actresses in Bollywood, has always remained in the headlines. The list of his lovers is so long that it still causes debate today. Kiran Kumar’s name is also included in this list of Rekha’s lovers. It is said that there was a time when both of them had a relationship but broke up over a glass of milk. What kind of story is this? Let us introduce them to you.

According to media reports, besides being in relationships with Vinod Mehra and Amitabh Bachchan, Rekha also had a relationship with Kiran Kumar, who often played the role of villain in films. It is said that there were as many arguments between the two as there was love. The reason for an argument was often a glass of milk.

Kiran Kumar and Rekha’s relationship was revealed by the actress herself. Rekha had mentioned this in an interview given in a 1975 issue of Stardust magazine. While talking about her and Kiran Kumar’s relationship, she had said that she often got angry due to a habit of the actor.

Rekha had told that she was very angry with Kiran Kumar because of his many habits. Actually, he was like a mama’s boy. According to Rekha, a night outing with Kiran Kumar could not be planned as he would always be home by 10 pm. According to Rekha, the reason for visiting Kiran Kumar was to drink a glass of milk. Rekha was very disturbed by this habit.

If Rekha had a problem with Kiran Kumar’s habit of being an obedient son, then Kiran Kumar was also very upset with one of Rekha’s habits. In fact, Rekha could easily imitate Kiran Kumar’s ex-girlfriend’s voice. In such a situation, she kept harassing Kiran Kumar by turning on the girl’s voice. Kiran Kumar had expressed his displeasure in this regard several times.

According to experts, Rekha and Kiran Kumar somehow mastered their habits, but Kiran Kumar’s father did not like the company of Rekha and his son at all. It is said that Kiran Kumar’s father Jeevan Kumar did not want Rekha to become his family’s daughter-in-law. Kiran Kumar did not take any step against his father’s wishes, which ended this relationship forever.

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