Reinier, expelled for telling the assistant “you are terrible”

Reinier does not win for disappointment. The Brazilian was an option that Míchel managed against Espanyol during the second half, but in the 72nd minute everything was cut short. While he was warming up on the sideline, and after an uncalled foul, he turned to the assistant referee and told him “you’re very bad, very bad.”. These words were transmitted to the main referee, Ortiz Arias, and he did not hesitate to show him the direct red card.

Reinier lost, with that attitude, any chance of having minutes against Espanyol. And the truth is that this only increases their ostracism. So far in 2023 he has only played 32 minutes and it makes it very difficult for him to show his quality and establish himself as an interesting footballer for Real Madrid in the future. Míchel has always been predisposed to give him opportunities at Girona, but injuries are piling up and this red card is something that doesn’t help either. He now exposes himself to a two-game ban. “The referee, in a previous situation, has come to me and told me… ‘I am going to expel someone if they continue to protest on the sidelines.’ Well, in the next move, well, the player told him that the 19th had told him that he was… I don’t know… I don’t know what the phrase was… it will appear in the record. And well, Reinier has to learn from this, because he is a player that we still needed today. I had thought of putting him in the position of Iván or Borja, because he is a very talented player with a lot of leg. To hold the midfield and be able to break into spaces, he has that ability and I couldn’t get him out. He knows that now we can lose him one or two games. So, for our part, I don’t like it. He doesn’t have to say anything to the referee. He was wrong and he will have his sanction within the club, internally, ”commented Míchel when he was questioned about Reinier’s expulsion.

It is not being an easy season for the Brazilian. It is true that there was a section of the course in which he had confidence and was considered a starter, but he has only enjoyed 343 minutes spread over ten games. It is a low figure taking into account the expectations that he generated in the Girona entity with his signing. Fortune is not with him because from the rojiblanco locker room they indicate that not only he directed these words towards the referee. But he was the designated one and the one who took the punishment.

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