Reinas del Caribe lose 1-3 against Japan in League of Nations debut

The Japanese women’s sextet, sixth in the world ranking, obtained its first victory on Tuesday (1-0) against the Dominican Republic, ninth in the world, (0-1) with a score of three sets to one (25-23, 25-18, 22-25 and 25-14), corresponding to Group 2, at the start of the League of Nations, organized by the International Volleyball Federation.

The winners, once again, presented a superb defensive game, with a quick attack and good blocking that disconcerted their opponents at times. Only in the third set, the Dominicans managed to hurt the Japanese by taking the same.

The Queens of the Caribbean will be free this Wednesday and will return to the field this Thursday against Bulgaria, number 16 in the world ranking.

The winners’ attack was led by Sarina Nishida (Koga) with 23 points, followed by Arisa Inoue with 17 and Ayara Araki with 13 points.

For the Dominicans, Brayelin Martínez was the best with 16 pointsGaila González left with 13 goals, Yonkaira Peña with 12, Jineirys Martínez 11 and Eve Mejía scored seven.

In attack Japan dominated with 62, while the Dominicans made 46, in reception, Japan 87, the Creoles with 72 and in blocking 12-11 in favor of the Caribbean.

In the first set, the Dominicans began like a whirlwind, taking the lead at 6-2 with good shots from Brayelin Martínez and an excellent block that almost completely stopped the hosts.

Two consecutive blocks by Jineirys Martínez put the score at 7-2 in favor of the Caribbean.

The Japanese began to raise their defensive and offensive level at the same time that they were discounting the advantage on the scoreboard.

The Dominicans’ advantage always oscillated between three and four points, however, a powerful shot by the player from Japan, Arisa Inove, tied the game at 18 points per side.

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From there, Japan began to dominate the scoreboard and the match where the Queens of the Caribbean could not keep up with the push of their rivals despite the work of Brayelin Martínez.

In the second set, the Japanese began their dominance of the match (8-2) from the beginning with a solid defense, good attack, led by Araki, Inoue and Nischida.

The Dominicans began to discount advantages (12-8) with attacks by Brayelin Martínez and blocks by Eve Mejía and Jineirys Martínez.

The winners kept up their fast pace of play, with excellent defense and a superb display of their libero, and they gave their opponents no let up.

Japan managed to put the game 21-14 and from there the Caribbeans lowered their intensity a bit, despite the great effort they made. At the end of the games, the Dominicans made three points in a row to put the game from 23-14 to 23-17.

In the third, the Queens of the Caribbean managed to contain their rivals and with a great game together, in the offensive field of Gaila González, Brayelin Martínez, Yonkaira Peña and Eve Mejía and they took the third set with a score of 25-22.

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