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Reigns and Goldberg book for Elimination Chamber

Crónica del WWE SmackDown del 18 de febrero de 2021.

This Friday’s episode of SmackDown (it was recorded last week because this Saturday’s PPV is in Saudi Arabia) had a lot of fire. It is logical, since this Saturday the Elimination Chamber is disputed. Those two fires were similar. Roman Reigns and Goldberg had an intense confrontation, but they didn’t go any further. None wanted to exceed and were located for Saudi Arabia. The legend wants a new moment at WrestleMania and Roman to arrive as champion at the great event.

To open the show it was the turn of the women’s division. Ronda Rousey and Naomi appeared on one side and on the other were Charlotte Flair and Sonya Deville. The four will have an interesting duel in pairs that they signed this Friday and that was weighed down by Deville (part of Raw’s management). Ronda will have to fight with one hand tied behind her back.. That angered Rousey and Naomi, who flipped the table over and went for contact, but Flair and Deville were able to get away first.

From the rest of the program, a headline change stood out. Finally, Sami Zayn had his joke (was scheduled for Day 1) against Nakamura. Madcap Moss was expelled during the fight and Sami was able to finish the Japanese to raise the Intercontinental Championship. Shinsuke’s reign will go down in history as one of the worst in history, and in his power the belt has been greatly devalued. He will have to see Zayn, or whoever comes after, recovers luster. On the other hand, Ricochet Sheamus was imposed and Ivan to Jimmy Uso. Finally, the news that WWE gave hours before was recalled, Undertaker will be inducted into the Hall of Fame this 2022.

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