Regulation of domestic still not curdled

Almost two months after the Ministry of Labor issued the resolution regulating domestic work in the country, there are still loose ends to be debated.

Although the measure that formalizes this official letter will enter into force the third month after its issuance, there are details that have not been considered for certain cases.

This was stated yesterday to Listín Diario, the president of the National Confederation of Trade Union Unity (CNUS), Rafael “Pepe” Abreuwho expressed that there are still inaccuracies related to salary and hours.

We are working directly with the associations of housewives because the businessmen, it must be said, took the body out of it because they don’t want problems. What we are doing is putting domestics in contact with these unions,” Abreu said.

Trade unionist Abreu said that nothing has been delimited in this regard in resolution son those maids who work only a few days of the week, as well as the scope in terms of the level of hours, explaining that many work with sleep included while others do not. In that sense, he commented that it is possible that most of these aspects will be ready by December.

“You have to understand that This revision will have to be the object of study on a constant and permanent basis.there will be things that will appear in the resolution in execution that will be corrected along the way,” said Rafael-Pepe-Abreu, president of the National Council of Trade Union Unity (CNUS).

Abreu was interviewed at an activity at the Hotel El Embajador.

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