Registering Joao Félix at FC Barcelona is illegal

One of the names of the transfer market is Joao Félix, who until the last day didn’t complete his arrival at FC Barcelona, ​​which was his big wish, as he himself publicly announced

After a year in which he did not have a good time at Atlético de Madrid and later at Chelsea, joao felix has fulfilled his wish to wear the shirt of the Barcelona FC. His entry into the Catalan team was not easy as the agreement between the clubs could only be reached on the last day of the market. But in the end the result was gratifying for everyone involved.

The Portuguese footballer has fulfilled his childhood dream of wearing the Blaugrana team shirt but his arrival has caused a lot of controversy. A controversy directly related to salary FC Barcelona informed LaLiga that they would host Joao Félix. A salary that the authority that governs Spanish football does not believe in.

Joao Félix brings FC Barcelona into new chaos
LaLiga doesn’t believe in Joao Félix’s €400,000 salary

Joao Félix’s salary at FC Barcelona is under suspicion

As we have known in the last few hours, LaLiga doesn’t believe in Joao Félix’s salary. Neither LaLiga nor any fan, because from what we’ve learned, FC Barcelona announced that their record during his loan season would be €800,000 gross, which is around €400,000 per season.

That’s a ridiculous number for a footballer who was paid more than 100 million euros just a few years ago and has a market value of 50 million. Because of this, LaLiga decided to set another amount for Financial Fair Play, which caused a lot of controversy. Especially with rival fans.

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LaLiga fans are burning with joy at a new favor for FC Barcelona

After I knew that LaLiga has promised Joao Félix a net salary of 4 million eurosThere are many who ensured that Portugal’s alignment last day had to be considered unacceptable. And it is that they do not understand how FC Barcelona could register a player with an invalid salary.

In fact, it’s a salary that LaLiga doesn’t believe in either, but has allowed registration of nonetheless. A new controversy surrounding the Laporta-led club, who don’t have an easy second term ahead of them. Anyway, we’ll have to wait and see how the problem gets resolved the case of Joao Félix at FC Barcelona. And everything indicates that we will hear more news about it in the coming days.

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