Regenerate biological systems How to make mountain microorganisms?

We are faced with the challenge of regenerating our planet’s biological and social systems, but also with the great possibility of well-being, abundance and justice for all forms of life.

Regenerative development brings together a set of principles to transform the relationship between human beings and the places where they live and interact, and thus restore balance to ecosystems.

Development is not financial wealth, but the ability to collaborate with a living and dynamic planet to generate physical and emotional sustenance for all forms of life.

True wealth is found in the well-being of the web of life.

In regenerative Costa Rica we weave the conditions that facilitate the transition to a regenerative development model.

The political-economic framework in which we live is offensive to nature and ignores that the potential of human beings derives entirely from the well-being of the web of life.

However, there is a different way. One where we design as part of nature, doing what life does best: creating conditions for more life to thrive.

We believe that our country has the potential to be an example for the world that shows that abundance, well-being and justice are possible when we once again act as part of the web of life.

In the fifth chapter the protagonists are microorganisms to regenerate biological systems

In this tutorial we teach you how to make mountain microorganisms, the uses you can give them and the multiple benefits they have in our soils. Table of Contents Agriculture and Microorganisms 0:49 Concept and benefits 2:05 elaboration process 3:30 solid phase production 3:51 Liquid phase production 7:32 Applications of Mountain Microorganisms 12:18 Soil, foliage or seed applications 13:18 closing 2:52 pm


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