Refresh your home with these 5 houseplants

Plants and trees play an important role in regulating temperature indoors and outdoors. Houseplants not only keep you cool in summer, but they also work very well against heat.

There are many plants that have a strong ability to absorb heat and are perfect for cooling spaces in both indoor and outdoor gardens. Some of them not only perform the function of lowering the temperature, but also have the ability to remove harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde, benzene, carbon monoxide or trichlorethylene, thus improving indoor air quality.

Indoor plants in pots that absorb heat

Some of the most well-known species that perform this important task include Croton, Sansevieria, Aloe Vera, Ribbon Tree and Pothos. These plants not only clean the environment, but also ensure a more pleasant living environment on hot days.

The Moraceae family includes more than 800 different varieties Croutons in different shapes and sizes. Thanks to its ability to eliminate chemicals such as benzene, it helps improve perspiration and refresh the environment. Sansevieria is hardy and easy to cultivate. It purifies the air by humidifying it and can withstand extreme temperatures.

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He in turn Aloe veraThanks to its ability to release abundant oxygen, it helps reduce temperatures and improve the environment as long as its leaves are clean and have sunlight.

The Sansevieraresilient and easy to grow, purifies the air by humidifying it and withstands extreme temperatures.

inside plants

Lastly this Potusa small, easy-care climbing plant that eliminates pollutants and regulates the temperature of the room in which it is located, requires moderate watering and indirect lighting.

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These plants not only add more greenery to your home but also go a long way in improving air quality and maintaining a clean and comfortable environment.

Many of them are on NASA’s list of recommended houseplants for air purification.

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