Referendum for establishing Khalistan in Toronto, participation of thousands of Sikhs

Under the auspices of Sikhs for Justice, the second phase of the referendum for the establishment of “Khalistan” was held in Toronto, Canada.

Thousands of Sikh men and women arrived from remote areas of Canada to vote by coaches, the voting process continued in a peaceful environment, the participants in the voting demanded that India liberate Khalistan and the atrocities on the Sikhs in the United Nations. Take notice of

Persons above 18 years of age belonging to Indian Punjab were declared eligible to vote by showing identification, identity verification at three places before voting.

A large number of men and women participated in the voting process with posters of Khalistan independence in their hands, Sikhs also raised harsh slogans against the Indian government and forces.

Sikh voters say that the referendum is a constitutional and legal way that we have taken, India should end its forced occupation of Indian Punjab so that Khalistan can be established, the foundation of independence from India is being laid, we need our own. Home should be clean.

On this occasion, Sikh leaders said that despite Indian pressure, the Canadian government allowed the Sikhs to hold a referendum for Khalistan, which is a major diplomatic defeat for India.

Earlier, referendums regarding Khalistan have been held in 7 European countries, including Britain and Switzerland, which are being monitored by international neutral organizations.

A new map of Khalistan, the separate homeland of the Sikhs, has also been released, showing not only Punjab, but also Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan and most of the districts of UP as part of the proposed Khalistan.

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