Ferro got a triumph at beat him 3-1 to San Martín de Tucumán, for the outbound crossing of the quarterfinals of the Reduced in the First National.

The match, which was disputed in a Citadel full of public, opened the series between both teams seeking to get the second promotion to the top division and had so many of Tomás Molina, Brian Fernández and Claudio Mosca for the visit, while Lucas Diarte was who discounted for the local.

In the framework of a hectic first period, Ferro knew how to take advantage of his effectiveness and was placed in advantage, when he had done very little offensively. Thus, at 17 minutes, a header from Molina, after a corner kick from the right sector, allowed the eleven visitor to go ahead on the scoreboard.

With the advantage, the team led by the Favio Orsi-Sergio Gómez binomial settled better on the field and they were crouched to put some against lethal.

And protected by the terrible setback of the local defenders, Ferro applied a blow that looked like a knockout when Molina dressed as an assistant for Fernández, which showed its entire hierarchy in the definition in a stadium that looked like a funeral.

Nevertheless, San Martín recovered vital signs when the side Tell you took the ball ahead and narrowed differences.

At beginning of complement, the rojiblanco team bet to get ahead on the ground, and the initial clean and jerk allowed him to roam Marcelo Miño’s area, although the local lacked fairness and determination to unbalance in the final meters.

The situation most conducive to equality was Sansotre, who came off on the right and tried a shot that went next to the stick.

The visiting team did not pass surprises, but he also did not decide to put the fifth gear to try to liquidate the game. Until near the end, Mosca’s hierarchy appeared in a free kick (a former Saint Martin) to place the ball at an angle.

A) Yes, el Verde, who has not visited the local football elite for more than 20 seasons, spun his fifth win in a row and He stood very well for the rematch of the room key, that will be played next Monday, at 9:10 p.m. in Caballito.

Hand in hand in Mendoza

Independiente Rivadavia de Mendoza and Almirante Brown drew 1-1 this Monday in the first leg for one of the keys quarterfinals of the Reduced of the First National for the second ascent to the Professional League.

On a crowded Bautista Gargantini stadium in the city of Mendoza, the midfielder Sebastián Mayorga opened the scoring for the whole cuyano in the second half with a powerful right hand, while Martín Batallini equaled it headlong shortly after.

The turn of this meeting will take place next Sunday, from 20, on the Fragata Sarmiento stadium in Isidro Casanova.

The Serie of clashes one way started the latest Sunday with the 2-2 equality between Deportivo Morón and Quilmes, in the Nuevo Francisco Urbano. The rematch will be played on next Saturday, from 19.10.

The loser of the final due to the first promotion will be added to the Reduced in one of the semifinals.



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