RedMagic Gaming Mechanical Keyboard review: Gaming just got easier

Gaming keyboards abound in the market. But RedMagic, known for its gaming smartphones, wanted its first product in the gaming keyboard segment to stand out from the rest. That’s why he created the RedMagic Mechanical Gaming Keyboard.

As the name suggests, this is a mechanical gaming keyboard. It goes on the market with a price of €199, but with features that make it one of the best products in the segment. Come and get to know him better.

RedMagic Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

RedMagic Gaming Mechanical Keyboard Key Features

  • TTC Speed ​​​​Silver V2 switches developed between RedMagic and TTC
  • Joint structure for greater writing comfort.
  • Connection to RedMagic Cloud app to adjust keyboard parameters
  • hot swappable base
  • Triple connectivity: wired, 2.4G wireless and Bluetooth
  • 4000mAh battery
  • pbt braces
  • RGB lighting up to 16.8 million colors and 10 modes

Unboxing the RedMagic Gaming Mechanical Keyboard

The Gaming Mechanical Keyboard follows the unboxing line of the latest gaming products launched by the brand. Like the Gaming Mouse and the RedMagic 8 Pro, here we have an attractive silver casing.

Inside, we immediately find the keyboard and an instruction manual that can also serve as a poster for one of RedMagic’s mascots. Plus, you’ll find the high-quality USB-C to USB-C cable and even a tool for changing keys and switches if you want to in the future.

RedMagic Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

My Take on the RedMagic Gaming Mechanical Keyboard

design and construction

RedMagic is committed to a compact design with 100 keys. Although here we have a keyboard for numbers, the brand has managed to design a keyboard that ends up leaving enough space on the table for a mouse.

One of the interesting parts of this design is the RedMagic signature. In addition to the lettering that we associate with the brand, we have keys in black, gray and also red that make a difference in any configuration.

RedMagic Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Detachable shell design helps to clean this keyboard. This is because it is easy to remove the components to clean the keyboard, thus avoiding the accumulation of debris inside. The bottom is matte and has feet in two sizes and an area where the 2.4G dongle is stored.

Write and latency

For gaming, the typing experience on this keyboard is a real treat for any self-respecting gamer. It features Speed ​​Silver V2 switches developed by RedMagic in collaboration with TTC.

RedMagic Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The result is a precise typing experience, not just in a gaming environment. This is because I have been using it daily in a writing scenario at work and I really like it. I’m used to more low-profile keyboards, but this mechanical keyboard is just a joy to type on.

These switches have a soft sound that should not bother the most sensitive. The ‘gasket’ structure aids this voicing and absorbs resonance. But of course, like any mechanical keyboard, the sound is part of the experience. And in the video below you can see what the RedMagic Gaming mechanical keyboard sounds like.

Personalization and Lighting

Customization is a strong point in this RedMagic Gaming mechanical keyboard. This has a hot-swappable base, so users can swap out the switches for whatever they like.

It should be noted that RedMagic claims that this is a keyboard that is compatible with most controllers. This hot-swappable base and “gasket” construction provides the level of customization any enthusiast needs.

RedMagic Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

RGB lighting is another strong point of this keyboard. It provides customizable lighting with up to 16.8 million colors. This allows any player to tailor it to their mood or even turn it off, if they wish. And I can tell you, it’s probably the most striking lighting I’ve ever seen on a keyboard.

connectivity and battery

Triple connectivity is present in this RedMagic Gaming mechanical keyboard. In this way, users can choose to use it with the cable provided, which is of high quality and that the most inveterate gamers will like.

RedMagic Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

For those who don’t want cables, there are still two options. As the keyboard has a 4000 mAh battery, you can connect it to your computer using the 2.4G dongle, or simply connect it to any device via Bluetooth.

This triple connectivity mode has a latency of up to 1 millisecond. In autonomy you will not have any problem. There is up to 28 hours of autonomy with the lighting on, or up to 200 hours with it off.

RedMagic Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

As usual, this autonomy will depend on the intensity and lighting modes you use. In my experience, after a week of use it has not been necessary to charge the keyboard. The battery level can be checked on its small screen.

It should be noted that this keyboard is dually compatible with Mac and Windows. So, you can use it to play games if you have a Windows PC and use it for work if you like to do it on an Apple computer.

RedMagic Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

screen and application

Above the numeric keypad, in the upper right corner we have a dial. This dial is used to command customization actions on the 1.47-inch screen. This screen allows you to change your keyboard and computer settings.

It is through this screen that you can easily customize the lighting of your keyboard, but also monitor the performance of the PC or change the volume or brightness functions of the screen.

RedMagic Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

If you use the RedMagic Cloud Smart Control app, you can further customize it using your Windows PC and create macros. The brand also offers key combinations for basic functions.

Conclusion on the RedMagic Gaming Mechanical Keyboard

There’s no escaping reality: RedMagic nailed it with its first mechanical gaming keyboard. It’s a flashy keyboard, as called for in this segment, but one that’s also functional.

The RGB lighting is top-notch, and the typing or gaming experience is top-notch as well. Thanks to the wheel in the upper right corner and the small screen, we can perform simple brightness or volume controls on the keyboard itself. The RedMagic app offers additional customization.

RedMagic Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

In addition to the “gasket” structure, this keyboard features a hot-swappable design. This means that you can customize your keyboard to your liking, swapping out the original switches for ones you like, with just one tool and even with the keyboard on.

Of course, not everything is perfect. It’s nice that this keyboard stays static in your setup, as it’s really heavy (brand doesn’t give away numbers). Also, you should note that at the time of writing this does not have a Portuguese layout, it is being sold with a US layout.

Premium keyboard, premium price. The RedMagic Gaming mechanical keyboard will be sold on the brand’s official website for €199 and will be available for purchase from May 18. A purchase that will last for many years and that lovers of keyboard customization will love.

RedMagic Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
  • TTC Speed ​​Silver V2 Switches
  • hot swappable base
  • Wired, 2.4G wireless and Bluetooth
  • 4000mAh battery
  • pbt braces
  • RGB lighting

RedMagic Gaming Mechanical Keyboard Strengths

  • Maximum construction and robustness
  • Powerful and customizable RGB lighting
  • Great typing experience after several hours of use.
  • Integrated display for faster customization
  • Can be used with cable, dongle or Bluetooth

Points to improve the RedMagic Gaming Mechanical Keyboard

  • I wish there was a design option in portuguese
  • it’s a heavy keyboard

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