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Reddit buys TikTok rival Dubsmash

The social network Reddit has seen a great growth in its use since, in 2017, it added native support for video publications on the platform and, since then, it has also started to allow users to post several photos in a single publication, in the “gallery” format.

Now, to show even more its growth, the social network has just bought the short video sharing platform Dubsmash, which had its “15 minutes of fame” a few years ago by allowing its users to record short videos and replace their voices with excerpts music, movies or even viral videos – something that can now be done by TikTok, for example.

Since its emergence in 2015 and the use boom that it had in its first months of life, Dubsmash has changed a lot and started to function more as a video sharing platform. Now, with the acquisition by Reddit, the company pointed out that the app will continue to function separately normally, but there will be some integrations between the two platforms.

Reddit did not explain exactly how this integration will work, but based on the type of content seen on Dubsmash – short and quick videos, like on TikTok – you can expect a “Stories” style function to be implemented on the social network.

It is worth mentioning that, despite not having the same popularity as before, Dubsmash remains as the second most downloaded short video application in the United States – behind TikTok itself.

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