The NBA transfer market closes on February 10. Teams make calls, assess their options and the media is filled with rumors and viable transfer options. Meanwhile, the market moves: the Hawks, a team in the midst of a colossal crisis has sent Cam Reddish to the Knicks. The operation, led by Adrian Wojnarowski, includes a route from New York to Solomon Hill and a second round (from 2025). In return, the Hawks take Kevin Knox and the protected first round of 2022 that the Knicks corresponding to the Charlotte Hornets.

The movement is surprising for how fast it has occurred. It was clear that Atlanta was looking for an outlet for Reddish, a young shooting guard (22 years old) who was on the market because the Georgia franchise did not see anything clear in offering him a contract extension next summer. Reddish was No. 10 in the 2019 draft, the same one in which the Hawks took De’Andre Hunter with No. 4. Reddish is the pick from the Mavs that the Hawks had gotten as a bonus in the Luka Doncic-Trae Young trade.

This season, Reddish has shown progress as a scorer, especially as a shooter. In defense he has the potential to be important, although he has gaps in collective fundamentals and shines more, still, only as a defender in one on one. For the Knicks he is a good bet, a player who can be given an important role and for which they have not given much in return. A first protégé and Kevin Knox, a disaster for the franchise since he was drafted No. 9 in 2018. It’s another team in trouble. One that last season straightened the course on the fly with the arrival of Derrick Rose. Now he wants to repeat, this time with a player with a great future… and who was beginning to need a change of scenery. The Hawks think about giving a major blow in the winter market and for They add to their arsenal the first round they receive this operation.

The transfer has an edge, one that enters the field of rumorology but something that will inevitably be talked about: the Knicks have (also, in a great moment of form) the number 3 of 2019, RJ Barrett. And now they take 10, Cam Reddish. Reddish and Barrett played together in a version ultra media of Duke in which Zion Williamson was also, number 1 of the first draft in which three teammates were chosen in the top 10 of the same draft. Zion, who still hasn’t played this season and whose relationship with the Pelicans is in a very delicate moment, has always been linked to those Knicks who dreamed of him in that draft in which they ended up with number 3. So some now want to see in this movement a bridge to the meeting of that big three Duke’s. For dreaming that there is no…


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