Redding’s goodbye brings out its best version

Rea’s ambition is insatiable. The record for podiums in Most was followed in Navarra by the record for pole positions in the category with seven in a row, but Saturday’s day had set the stage for another protagonist. It is not being easy for the Northern Irishman in this course to reach the first position, in fact Redding has made life difficult for him again in Race 1, and the Briton has finished winning the game with the heat as the final judge. Temperatures and times rose to an average record of 1:38 high (two seconds above the classification), and with that level on the asphalt the Ducati rider won in safety and superiority.

Redding, who managed to come off like a shot, left Rea at his mercy and feeling the threat of a Locatelli who tried to take advantage of the interior without success. The superiority of the Northern Irishman in the first bars allowed him to gain ground without losing his hair in just two sectors and at the first step through the goal he was already in first position again which he defended in a hurry, but without success. The Kawasaki wanted to impose the rhythm and confirm the feelings of the weekend, but Ducati tires held up better the heat and stopped the escape of a pilot who saw how the head of the race gave way again with 16 laps to go.

Redding’s rhythm then was superior and unquestionable, so much so that he surpassed the leader of the general classification in the braking of the first corner and forced even the error of a Rea who could save the tragedy, unlike an Álvaro Bautista who signed his third fall it’s from the season. The one from Talavera, who had just signed his best position of the season in Most (5th), was fighting for tenth place and could do nothing to save a drag that served him to finish the event early. He stayed Rabat as the best Spanish on the track, fighting to regain ground to 13th position. And he finally got it, to finish by seeing the twelfth checkered flag.

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The fight for the most important thing continued to take place at the head of the race, with a Redding who took advantage of every millimeter to make the persecution of Rhea hell. The Northern Irishman did not cease in his attempt to reach the top again, but he saved the second fall to continue fighting in a fight that today was not his. He continued to secure the lead with his position, because Razgatlioglu was only able to aspire to third position of a podium that he played with Locatelli, and said enough in full pursuit after a third error that already warned of an unnecessary risk at this stage of the season.

He had to yield to the champion in front of a Ducati who signed his fourth victory of the year, second in a row, along with Redding. Something that It cannot be repeated from the next year with the departure of the British to the BMW garage, but for the moment it serves the Italian brand to get closer to a leadership that separates it 45 points with just over six appointments to go.

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