Red Star, Facu Campazzo and a very difficult wall to cross

In this Euroleague, nothing can be taken for granted until the final horn sounds. The competition has evened out In recent years, and in this particular one, its strong point is the fight for leadership and for the last places in the qualifying rounds. And perhaps in a way never seen before due to the balance and quality of the templates and the results that are being produced with them. Two of those who are fighting for a place in the top eight and have a completely opposite tendency are the Serbs.

As he partizan of belgrade As the Red Star have re-entered the top continental competition this season and their course has been contrary Obradovic’s men started with doubts and now they are sweet, looking at the others from 7th place in the standings. Those led by Ivanovic, a coach who took over from the one who started the season, had a growth spurt with the Argentine signings but have been diluted until they fell to 14th position in the table.

In the case of Estrella, given the forced investment to improve the team and the illusion generated by it, time is running out to fix the situation. An attempt was made to close the circle with Achille Polonara, on the market due to his bad start at Efes and with a final destination in Kaunas, but the South American signings that were taken directly from the United States were enough. Luca Vildoza and Facu Campazzo, who are also familiar with the Euroleague, have been a shot that needs to be made profitable by winning.

After the sanction of the Economic Commission of the Euroleague was lifted, for which Campazzo spent more than two months without being able to be registered and without making his debut with them, the same feeling has become more acute: they must aspire to more. But one of the two weeks in March with a double day will clearly set the pace for the team led by Dusko. The defeat in Munich, against a team hit by Rubit’s serious injury, did damage in the previous one; this week the champion has been won on a Wednesday (94-75) and, on the other hand, has been lost in a desolate OAKA on a Friday (75-66), which has affected the morale of the troops. You have to lift a lot more weight. They are saved because the competition is fierce. Olimpia in Milan, for example, was in an even tougher situation and was dangerously close to the goal (being a direct rival to the Serbs, something also to consider). Red Star has six dates left to play and finds itself with a balance of 12-16 (and only three wins out of the last ten possible). The distance is three wins with Maccabi, which marks the cut. Now he visits Bar├ža, he must ensure the shots against Baskonia and Valencia at home and, after ASVEL, there are two commitments that will also mark him: receiving Olympiacos and Fenerbah├že, two of which can end up as seeded players (four first places). . The project not only needs the money to become sustainable, but also the permanence in a tight Euroleague and in which for now the Red Star does not go through its bottleneck. Complicated company for the final days of the calendar.

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