Red Bull’s poisoned gift to Max Verstappen

The problem of the Spanish Grand Prix the delays with the DRS suffered by one of Checo Pérez’s fellow pilots in Formula 1

Max Verstappen, the Dutch pilot who has revolutionized the Formula 1, he had an unforgettable 2022 season. Despite some setbacks early in the season, won his second world title winning no less than 15 of the 22 races on the calendar. It seemed that nothing could go wrong for the Red Bull driver, Verstappenuntil the Spanish Grand Prix arrived.

The Spanish Grand Prix brought a series of problems for Verstappen, especially with the DRS (Drag Reduction System) of your vehicle. During qualifying, he ran into problems that potentially cost him pole position. But that was not all, the problems returned in the race when Verstappen reported that his DRS would not open.

Red Bull’s curious gift to Max Verstappen

Verstappen fights against DRS failure during the race

Trying to chase down George Russell, Verstappen showed his frustration on the team radio: “Where is the damn DRS? We can’t get the damn DRS to work, it’s unbelievable!” Despite his problems, the Dutch driver managed to take victory in the Grand Prix, beating his teammate Sergio Pérez and the Mercedes driver, George Russell.

Subsequently, Red Bull decided to make a rather unique gift to Verstappen: the broken DRS actuator of your vehicle. “The team gave me a gift,” she revealed during a live broadcast. “It’s a Red Bull can, it’s machined from one piece, and the DRS actuator is there. Isn’t that great?” For those uninitiated in Formula 1, the DRS uses an actuator to control the flap in the center of the car’s rear wing. This opens when the driver presses a button on the steering wheel when entering the DRS zone.

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Red Bull team boss Christian Horner’s reaction

Red Bull team boss Christian Horner, took Verstappen’s anger in stride during the race. “An angry Max does a very fast Max,” he said. “I was taking my frustration out on him and there was a bit of road rage at the time, which is understandable because he must have pushed the button like 50 times, I think, on a straightaway.”

Red Bull’s gift to Verstappen is not just an object. It is a symbol of the Spanish Grand Prix race and Verstappen’s ability to overcome challenges. This gift is a reminder of Verstappen’s perseverance, passion and commitment. In this way, the approach of the team with its current pilot is appreciated.

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