Red Bull’s instability

The Red Bull philosophy since entering as a team in Formula 1 it was clear from the beginning: take by the hand great talents from the lower categories to the ‘Great Circus’. The objective of the team energetic was to mature on the way to future world champions and they put their trust in a Helmut Marko, who became responsible for choosing the young talents with which to achieve success in the highest category. He was right the austrian with the bet of a Vettel that filled a structure with optimism with which he was proclaimed four-time world champion after having been active for a year and a half (2007 and 2008) in the Toro Rosso subsidiary. The German left with his departure a high degree of optimism, which over the seasons has deteriorated based on reality.

Reissuing success sounded continuously in a factory where pressure has been largely responsible for having erased the brilliance of a project in which in recent years, there has only been one rider who has had the full support of the team: Max Verstappen. The Dutchman reached the ranks of the structure energetic in 2014 to avoid being taken away by Mercedes and this signing represented the first breach of a philosophy that only intended to put drivers from its quarry into its car. They made up that ‘betrayal’ by placing the young Dutchman in the Red Bull subsidiary and in mid-2016, they put all their trust in a promise that returned the favor by way of victory. Something that they had not seen since Spa 2014 and that in addition to restoring hope to the box, was also in charge of marking the beginning of an instability that has lasted until now.

Ricciardo, also hailing from the Red Bull quarry, was the other star in the energy garage at the time. The australian He was a potential world champion for Milton Keynes, but the arrival of Verstappen changed everything to the point of announcing the departure of Daniel two years later, questioned by the lack of performance in front of the new star of the team. It was there that the dance and Gasly began, the first relay on a list that could continue to grow this season. The Frenchman only lasted 12 races, with a fourth as the best position, after accusing unsustainable pressure that Albon threw behind him. The Briton did not improve the performances of his predecessor, but at least he did have the opportunity to continue demonstrating his potential for another year until he experienced the same outcome: being left without a seat at Red Bull.

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They broke their philosophy with ‘Checo’

The search for success by the energy team It was so desperate that they broke with all their philosophy by announcing the signing of Sergio Pérez. The arrival of the Mexican, who landed in Milton Keynes without the umbilical cord that had to unite him from the lower categories to the project, made him Verstappen’s fourth rival in the garage, assuming this the highest number of partner changes in the last five years. Nobody has shared a team with as many drivers in the last five years as Max. The figure of the Dutchman, whom they have wanted to retain at all costs in Red Bull, has been unquestionable while once again the value of a driver is questioned, who precisely entered the equation after having gone down in the history of the race. F1 as a grand prize winner.

Pérez’s victory with Racing Point in Sakhir made those from Milton Keynes definitely opt for him. And although he has also managed to climb the RB16B to the highest step of the podium, the results do not guarantee anything: “It should be more consistent“. Red Bull looks for alternatives for the Mexican, to return to throw from quarry is an option that is on the table if they finally withdraw their confidence to Czech, And the only thing that comes out once again is that Verstappen is non-negotiable in the team. Not even the drivers’ dance has had collateral damage to the Dutchman’s performance, finally realistically playing the World Cup against Mercedes in the hybrid era, and now we only have to wait as Marko advanced: “We are evaluating options, considering them …, but I will not say names. The intention is to confirm the Red Bull and Alpha Tauri drivers at the same time. “Between the races at Spa and Zandvoort, the doubts might be cleared up.

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