Red Bull rooster requiring Fernando Alonso’s signature

One of the great expectations in the future comes from the pilot Max verstappen who at 23 years old has already proven to be one of the best on his team. red bull race at the Formula 1 and even more so now, when it is strongly compared to Spanish, Fernando Alonso.

And this is exactly how Alonso, marked a generation in Formula 1, the Max driver Verstappen is called to do the same for years to come. Without a doubt, both are great talents and to see them compete side by side would be a real pleasure for all fans.

In addition, at 40 years of age, the Spanish driver returned to the top category of motorsport after several seasons in different categories and competitions. Something he would like to repeat in the future, as he recognized it on more than one occasion, thus giving encouragement to all who were waiting for him.

Even as a reason for the Austrian Grand Prix preview, Fernando Alonso and Max Verstappen shared a press conference and the question of a future together was inevitable. Especially after the Dutchman also confirmed several times that he intends to try other sports.

Talking about the options to share a garage, Alonso was delighted with this possibility, although he also acknowledged that if such a union occurs it should be outside of Formula 1: “I think it could happen in the future, but obviously not in Formula 1. Maybe in Endurance, Le Mans or something like that”.

For his part, driver Max Verstappen first acknowledged his admiration for the Spaniard, then also talked about how special it would be for him to share the garage with a driver like Fernando Alonso: “It would be exciting if he were my partner . There are many opportunities outside of Formula 1. It would be good”.

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