Red Bull push to sign Carlos Sainz: even Checo Pérez’s cap

The Mexican is finding it very difficult to regain confidence in the energy drink team

After the start of Formula 1 this season, information in the media about some signings was very controversial. This time it is known that Red Bull did the impossible to welcome the Spanish driver to their team. Carlos Sainz.

And apart from Red Bull, the team where there is more animosity in this case is Ferrari and All because Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc starred in the most toxic version of a competition and, it has to be said, more unequal compared to other F1 drivers.

Carlos Sainz Red Bull
Sainz is the driver Red Bull wants

The Maranello team will have driver Charles Leclerc until 2026

It was even known that the team’s favorite was Monegasque and thanks to his good press and reputation he was the star driver ahead of Carlos Sainz. However, the Madrid man was ahead of his team-mate in the World Championship until the Belgian GP.

This has now become known Leclerc would have extended Ferrari until 2026with the option to extend this connection through the 2029 season. This information gives another glimpse into the future, which has presumably already shown that the ’16’ will be the one who continues to run in red and the ’55’ will be the one who will be sacrificed.

There is already clarity about Carlos Sainz’s future at Red Bull

In this way, the Ferrari management’s decision is good business for Carlos in the end, since according to the media, e.g Carlos Sainz might fall into a Pérez’s seat in search of a steering wheel Despite Red Bull’s denials, this is on the tightrope of the Austrian team.

Obviously, that’s Red Bull’s intention Verstappen’s hegemony is defended by his squire in second place and that he can defend it both on track and in strategy so that the Dutchman continues to win. For the interests of the Mexicans, Spa was the energy brand’s only double in recent times.

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