Red Bull outraged at ‘defamatory accusations’

The hangover of the information that links Red Bull with a breach in the 2021 spending ceiling starred in it Christian Horner, head of the Milton Keynes team, at the FIA ​​press conference. The Briton was critical of the accusations made by Ferrari or Mercedes on Red Bull, because he assures that the documents that audit the budget cap “are confidential” and are still in the development phase. “It is a private data transfer between the team and the FIA, How is it possible that another team can know if there is an infraction when we won’t even know until next week? The spending of the teams has a legal maximum since 2021 of 145 million dollars.

“When these kinds of accusations are made, those who live in a glass house should not start throwing stones. We take the comments that have been made very seriously and it does not seem coincidental that it coincides with Max’s first opportunity (Verstappen) to win the title. We are no longer talking about his enormous performances, but about the spending ceiling. It is a tactic to not talk perhaps about the lack of performance on the track (of the rivals)”, Horner settled.

In the paddock there is talk of excess spending of less than 7.5 million dollars. Mekies, Ferrari’s second, answered what his factory can do with that money: “In a simple calculation, between five and ten million is about 70 engineers who will give you a significant amount of time per lap. The financial rules are linked to the technical and sports rules at the same time. That is why we want a transparent and severe approach.” The FIA, meanwhile, regrets the “speculation” on the matter and waits to conclude its report with the budgets of all the teams before presenting infringements before a specific court.

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