“Red Bull is not cheating”

Among the many retractors that Red Bull has earned, there will always be others who will maintain their support. The energy brand was the center of the controversy when its excess in the spending ceiling for the 2021 season was known. And, therefore, an exemplary sanction: a $7 million fine (practically the same amount in euros) and a 7% reduction in the wind tunnel and aerodynamic simulations (CFD). For many it does not make a big difference, in fact, many teams did not agree on the punishment for being insufficient, however, many others see it as excessive.

Among them, a former champion like Jacques Villeneuve. In his usual column for formula.nl, The Canadian marks the sentence and recalls that “nothing happened either” when McLaren received “the mega-fine of 100 million”. “The sentence and the penalty for Red Bull they still haven’t made it clear to me what is and isn’t allowed and what sanction you will receive for it, ”he adds, assuring that the limits in the Formula 1 regulations remain unclear. In any case, he continues with his defense of Red Bull against the excess in the spending ceiling: “That is not cheating. Lying about traction control is cheating.”

In any case, the former champion assures that this extra money invested would not have changed anything in the 2021 World Cup and, even less, in the superiority of the newly crowned during the current course: “Max Verstappen’s team is so strong that they would have won anyway”. Continuing with his opinion, he stirs up the organization: “What bothers me is that the FIA ​​is now collecting seven million dollars. So it hardly has any effect for Red Bull and the other teams don’t get a dime from it. Money aside, the reduction in the wind tunnel will do more damage to the factory by 2023: “Others don’t care lap time, part of the fine would help. Just split that between the teams.”

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