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Red Bull boss turns to Fernando Alonso again

Red Bull’s Adrian Newey: “It’s a shame not to have worked with Fernando Alonso”

Adrian Newey, Red Bull Racing’s technical director, recently expressed his regret at not being able to work with Fernando Alonsoone of the most outstanding drivers in Formula 1. In an interview for BBC Sport, Newey revealed that he had always longed to work with Alonso as he was one of the drivers he wanted to work with.

Newey’s respect for Fernando Alonso is obvious, and this “regret” stands out even more considering Newey’s impressive career in the world of Formula 1. As the designer of Red Bull’s 2023 car, which currently dominates the racetrack alongside Max Verstappen, Newey was a key figure in the sport’s history. His admiration for Alonso highlights the Asturian driver’s caliber and talent in the field of automotive competition.

Red Bull Fernando Alonso
This feeling is reinforced when one remembers the possibility that Alonso could move to Red Bull, a negotiation that was close to being finalized after the 2013 Belgian Grand Prix.

The almost decisive clash between Alonso and Red Bull in 2013

The episode between Fernando Alonso and the Red Bull board at Spa 2013 is one of those historic moments in sport that could have changed the course of Formula 1. The meeting, which took place after the Belgian Grand Prix, opened up the possibility of Alonso becoming a driver for the Energy Drinks team. Although this move didn’t materialize, the fact that it came so close shows Red Bull’s keen interest in Alonso’s talent.

Having Fernando Alonso at Red Bull would have been a significant milestone for both the team and the driver. Known for his exceptional on-track skills and Formula 1 experience, Alonso would have brought a unique perspective and invaluable value to the team.

The mutual admiration between Newey and Alonso

Adrian Newey’s admiration for Fernando Alonso and the close partnership between the driver and the Red Bull team underline a fascinating aspect of Formula 1: the opportunities and changes that can significantly influence careers and the history of sport.

Although Alonso never became part of Red BullHis talent and skills continue to be recognized and respected in the F1 world. This episode not only highlights Newey’s appreciation for Alonso, but also the impact a driver of his caliber can have on a top team like Red Bull Racing.

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