Red Bull begins surprising negotiations with Checo Pérez

Helmut Marko highlights Checo Pérez’s performance and hints at the possibility of a renewal at Red Bull

Speculation about Checo Pérez’s future at Red Bull Racing has been a hot topic in the Formula 1 paddock. Amid the rumors and scrutiny of his performance, Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko said He came out to calm the water.

Although the Mexican driver faced challenges in 2023, especially in qualifying, His second place in the drivers’ standings speaks for itself. “Perez has proven to be a stronger competitor than Verstappen’s previous teammates,” says Marko, underlining the value the driver brings to the team..

Red Bull Czech Perez
Who will sit next to Verstappen in 2025?

Pending decisions on Pérez’s future

Sergio Pérez is still in line for a contract extension with the team. Despite the inevitable comparisons to Max Verstappen, Marko emphasizes that this does not mean that Pérez should leave. “He still has a contract until 2024. That depends on him.

If he continues to perform as he has in the last few races, then we can definitely talk about an extension,” commented the 80-year-old Red Bull consultant. The decision about who will take second place in the Austrian team will only be made after the summer break, says Marko.

When will Red Bull’s second seat be decided?

In the event that Pérez does not live up to expectations, Daniel Ricciardo emerges as one of the possible replacements. “Ricciardo has to show that he can clearly keep up with Tsunoda. Then he could be a candidate,” says Marko. Aside from that, Rumors are circulating that Alexander Albon has received an offer from his former team, making the future of the Red Bull lineup even more exciting.

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Checo Pérez’s contract situation with Red Bull continues to be the focus of attention in the world of Formula 1, with the team and driver in a key position to determine their path forward. Pérez’s possible extension underlines not only his past achievements, but also the team’s confidence in his ability to contribute to future success.

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