Home Entertainment Red Bull Batalla México 2023 and the new two-time champion: Yoiker

Red Bull Batalla México 2023 and the new two-time champion: Yoiker

La máxima batalla de rap en México tiene un nuevo bicampeón: Yoiker

yoiker And majestic reached the end Red Bull Battle Mexico 2023 with a lot of history behind it.

A few years ago, in July 2021, they faced each other in a round of 16 where Yoiker prevailed with a memorable minute of brutal improvisation.

And this time they faced each other again, but there was much more at stake: they fought to determine the national champion and to win a place in the international final Colombia.

“You hit me when I was welcome, now I hit you: the twists and turns that life takes,” Majestic began in a nod to 2021.

In the confrontation a few years ago, Majestic fell victim to memorable rhymes like this one, in which Yoiker featured the most popular host of Mexican battles: Serko Fu:

“Be careful my Serko, don’t stain your tennis shoes, there are Majestic tunes all over the stage.”

And now, two years later, Majestic made it clear that those words stuck in his mind and he didn’t miss the opportunity to reverse them:

“Serko, don’t stain your sweatpants because there are little bits of Yoiker all over the stage.”

But in its opening on the stage of the sports palaceYoiker published a sentence that reached prophecy level 10 minutes later:

“Inside Palace of Fine Arts “We were, different palace, same result.”

Majestic, wearing a red jersey with the number 8 of the Chicago BullsHe received a pole that lowered him from shooting guard height Zach Lavine in the humble neighborhood of Roberto Gomez Bolanos.

“I’m Mr. Barriga, no one wants to make me mad for coming to get this Chavo del 8

Yoiker concluded with a double nod to the jersey and the event’s star product: “I’m not talking about freestyle, I’m not selling attitude: I’m used to fucking Red Bulls.”

In the end the decision of the judges Steppenwolf, Eps one And scone It was clear: the new national champion of Red Bull Batalla México 2023 (now double champion) was Yoiker.

And although it’s the second time Yoiker defeats Majestic, the story between the two will surely continue.


Months before that latest fight, the new two-time champion left a report of the respect he has for Maje.

In April 2023, Yoiker was asked about the generational shift and the Mexican talents who will shine in the next decade.

His reply was a big compliment to Majestic.

“My favorite is the Maje, he will be the one to dominate the new generation. For his young age, he’s been fighting against the best for a long time, including in other countries,” he told El Estilo Libre.

“He’s competed in too many situations and that makes him very strong against others (…) Anyone breaking it at the moment isn’t up to Majestic’s level in that competitive psyche.”


Third place went to one of the favorites in the Red Bull Batalla México 2023. rapperswho prevailed artile.

Not only is Rapder a national champion, he went on to become the third Mexican to win a Red Bull Batalla international final Hadrian and the already legendary aczino.

But this year Rapder didn’t have it easy, Majestic beat him in the semifinals and just before that he had a very tough fight with one of the new stars on the circuit: the wild rapper azuky.

In that quarterfinal duel, Rapder initially called her adjectives “loud” and “nervous,” but wasn’t intimidated: “That I’m loud, that’s why he doesn’t respect me, that I’m the loudest on the planet.”

And he ended with a sneering line that got everyone cheering: “Oh, I’m a rapper, don’t mess with my dad.”

The intensity of this fight prompted the judges to order a re-enactment to determine who won. The duel ended with Azuky saying, “See, rapder, I’ve already hurt you badly, an 18-year-old girl just hit you.”

And maybe those words didn’t become fact as the judges awarded Rapder the win, but the audience chanted Azuky’s name and confirmed her as one of the big contenders.

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