Red Bull and Mercedes do the impossible to sink Fernando Alonso

One of the most important decisions came from the FIA and all because later Mercedes draw attention to the behavior of the rear spoilers of red bull at the Spanish Grand Prix. With that, the Federation was quick to suppress the cheating of the team, imposing stricter tests.

However, the fierceness of the tests forced other teams, such as Ferrari, Alfa Romeo Y Alpine, to make changes to their rear spoilers to make sure they were cool too. Thus, the words of the executive director of Alpine, Marcin Budkowski made it clear how frustrated his team is.

In addition, for the cost and extra work involved in the change, in a season when they are already making moves to prepare the new cars for 2022. bitter,” explained Budkowski at the Austrian GP.

“It’s costing us a lot of resources in effort and money, because we’re talking about multiple rear wings, multiple levels of downforce that need to be changed.” Words that were very memorable not only for the pilots, but also for the fans who were waiting for it.

“We feel a little bit like the collateral damage of the guys fighting for the championship up front, and trying to throw banana peels at each other’s feet like in Mario Kart, looking for trouble in the rest of the cars.” There’s certainly a bit of frustration in your words.

Alpine’s frustration comes from the fact that the rear wing they used earlier in the season was designed to fully comply with previous tests. So he found it unfair that the test requirements suddenly changed and hurt some.

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