Red alert in Independiente: Doman spoke and Stillitano answered

Independent has no breather. To the institutional crisis and the weak start of the Professional League, this Tuesday was added the cross statements between the president of the club, Fabián Doman, and DT Leandro Stillitanoas if the temperature needed to be increased.

Red is at the bottom of the table with 7 points (one win, four draws and two losses) and the discomfort of the fans -powered by years and years of frustrations- made himself noticed with the team’s rookie coach. Consequently, Doman came out to speak this Tuesday and not to calm the waters, as is commonly said.

“Stillitano is an extraordinary professional, talking to him two or three times a day is a pleasure. He is very aware. What happens or doesn’t happen on Saturday depends on him. Leandro is the most concerned about everything that is happening. I know him and it would be a shame if he doesn’t continue,” he said in statements to the party media La Visera.

And he added: “We are on a bad run, very bad. I don’t like being the president of a club that hasn’t won six games. I don’t ask for patience and whoever whistles has the right to whistle.”

Independiente comes from drawing 1-1 with Barracas Central, in a match in which they played a large part of it with one less player due to the irresponsible expulsion of Sergio Barreto. “I am the only candidate for president who did not promise a championship, I said it was a transition to what is to come. There is a football, sports project that cannot function impeccably in the first months, but it cannot have seven points either”, Doman closed..

Hours later, his own Stillitano took the floor and defined that he does not plan to step aside despite doubts about his cycle.

In dialogue with DSports Radio, the coach said: “I did not listen to the president’s statements. We all want to win, the president, the players and the coach, and he marked the pitch: “I’m not going to leave, I’m very good, the coaching staff is very good with the players”.

In turn, Stillitano made a self-criticism for poor results: “We have not been able to convince in points what we did and we have been working. The only way is to continue. Some injuries harmed us and did not allow me to repeat the eleven,” added the coach who is observed out of the corner of his eye by a sector of the leadership, They are already thinking of possible candidates for the position.

Subsequently, Stillitano pointed out the mood of the Red people: “I live in Avellaneda and I see that the fans understand the club’s moment and continue to support it. When they called me, the club was clear about the situation in which it found itself. I understand the rules of football and that you have to win”, he finished.

independent will face this Saturday at 7:00 p.m. in Colón, the last of the table, in Avellaneda.

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