Red alert at Atlético after transcending the release clause of Luis Díaz

The dispute for one of the best extremes gets interesting in the middle of the nascent market and the great economic muscle of the competition

One of the most enveloping news of today in Spain and the entire continent brings together not only the Athletic, but to several important clubs in the fight for the services of the Colombian Luis Diaz. The coffee grower, owner of an impressive talent, has left extended possibilities and today the value of his clause has become known, nothing less than 80 million euros.

At least that’s what he says Port, club that owns its sports rights. The price is non-negotiable, and limits in advance to clubs that have little investment margin. Furthermore, tIt has certain conditions, such as the refusal to negotiate immediatelyThey believe it is convenient to leave the player until at least the summer and finish the season in the best possible way.

Luis Diaz Seville
The Colombian attacker sneaks into Atlético’s agenda

An impossible clause generates doubts for Atlético regarding Luis Díaz

Before they were already establishing the formalities. Luis Díaz is a player of Simeone’s taste and in fact that has been the great bond that unites them. But with 80 kilos it is very difficult to compete, especially considering the contenders: Liverpool and Newcastle. The two Brits have the backing of large companies and high-level financial groups.

In the case of the reds, they offer you sporting and economic solidity, while the magpies seek to put you in the first line of solutions before your crucial moment. They need a player of that level, who guarantees them to position themselves in the salvation zone at least this season to start over and come out afloat.

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Solutions exist, what is not clear is if they plan to execute them

Now, from the cabinet led by Andrea Berta there is a fairly recurrent management that makes sense. And it is to get out of some players who are not performing in order to include payments that amortize the sum, and allow them not only to have the space but the salary margin. In the end, there are many things to think about that give the club some short-term parameters.

For example, there is the fact that it would need an extra-community quota, which makes things even worse. For now it seems distant and is being controlled in any case. Atlético will return to practice once their internationals return from their commitments and will prepare the final stretch of the League in this first round and what will be their potential step to the knockout stages in the Champions League.

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