This is a sigh of relief for the players in the toy market. While the concern was great in 2021, as Christmas approached, due to supply issues, the past year has finally been a great year for manufacturers and traders in the sector. According to information from RTL, sales thus increased by 3% in 2021, compared to the previous year, to reach a record turnover: 3.7 billion euros.

It must be said that sales began particularly early in 2021. From October, customers walked the toy stores to do their first Christmas shopping. A situation due to fears related to supply difficulties with Asia and which for a long time raised fears of shortages for the most popular toys of the moment. A change in behavior which was confirmed in December with 30% of purchases made in the four weeks preceding Christmas against 34% for previous years.

The “kidults” at the heart of greed

French players in the sector also performed well with a 2.4% increase in sales for products made in France, details RTL. The French toy now weighs 14% of the market. Thus, the Lunii story box, made in France, was the best-selling product, ahead of historic heavyweights like Barbie or Lego. Also noteworthy is the growth in sales of toys for those over 12 years old, which is growing three times faster than that of toys for the little ones.

Those who are called “kidults” have thus become new privileged targets for toy manufacturers. Hasbro recently released a shield of Captain America, in metal, in full size, details The world, while Playmobil markets an Agency all risk van and Lego has launched bouquets of flowers or bonsai to make. Between January and September 2021, in France, this sector thus represented 30% of the market in value, or 524 million euros. An increase of 54% compared to 2017.


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