Record growth in fast food business in Saudi Arabia

Riyadh: An increase in the business of fast food restaurants is being seen in Saudi Arabia after the end of the restrictions of the corona virus.

According to Urdu News, a record increase has been seen in the business of fast food in Saudi Arabia, the size of the market reached 15.5 billion riyals during the last year.

The revenue of fast food restaurants increased by more than 29% during the year 2021 while the fast food restaurant market was affected during 2020 due to the restrictions imposed to prevent the corona virus.

Fast food restaurants have the highest demand for burgers, its share according to 2021 data is 30 percent while the market is 6 billion riyals.

The burger is exceptionally popular among consumers, with an annual growth rate expected to exceed 4 percent over the next 4 years.

In this regard, a report said that fast food restaurants fall into three categories, the first is burger, which has the highest demand, while second is shawarma, and third is grilled chicken and pizza.

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