Recommerce is the preferred option for 54% of Spaniards to get rid of unwanted products

Recommerce. A concept that has motivated a new trend that is here to stay. No more giant trunks full of unused clothes or toys. Instead, the idea of ​​giving a second life to old products is consolidating as an increasingly common practice in Spanish homes. In this sense, both the current economic uncertainty, caused by inflation that squeezes consumers’ pockets, and social concerns about climate change are increasing the popularity of this consumption model. In this context, the new report of the leading platform in logistics solutions packlink has revealed that 54% of Spaniards opt for second-hand sales as the main method of getting rid of items they no longer use.

In addition to Spain, this consumption trend based on savings and sustainability shows its consolidation in countries such as France (66%) or Germany (54.3%), while the United Kingdom (55.8%) or Italy (53 .5%) choose to give up items they no longer use. In the case of Spaniards, according to the Packlink study, 47.2% of those surveyed would be inclined to donate their used productsfollowed by 22.2% who would end up rejecting them. Thus, the donation becomes the second most common method among Spaniards to get rid of their old purchases, which usually end up in the hands of other relatives or acquaintances, especially in the case of clothing, toys, electronic items or even furniture.

Marketplaces, the preferred platform for online purchases

While the Spanish are adding to the benefits of the circular economy to give their products a second life, many consumers also choose to buy in stores that have second-hand options. In this sense, 58.4% of Spaniards prefer to buy their products on marketplaces, that is, on platforms that bring together different professional sellers, but that also allow sales by individuals. In fact, this alternative is being imposed on official stores, which have become the favorite option for 37.4% of consumers, either from its website or from its mobile application. Despite the influence of social networks on shopping habits, only 3.4% of Spaniards admit to using this channel on a regular basis for their purchases.

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«The results of our study reflect a significant change in the habits of Spanish consumers. Reselling has established itself as a preferred option to get rid of unwanted products, indicating a growth in the second-hand trade. In addition, we see a clear preference for shopping on marketplaces, which highlights the need for companies to adapt to these new trends.” points Noelia Lázaro, Packlink Marketing Director.

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