Recommended: ‘Chaos without gold’ by Gold Republic & Bart Brands

Last December 21, the time had come, the book ‘Chaos without gold‘ by Gold Republic and precious metal specialist Bart Brands was launched. Crypto Insiders was also present at this event. Read on to learn more about this book and why it is also very interesting for crypto investors.

Chaos without gold

When you look at economic and financial history, you can conclude one thing; gold has been the standard for thousands of years. This standard is built on trust, among other things. Based on this trust, bankers, governments, kings and emperors have continued to expand their wealth. Over the centuries it has been tried differently. However, letting go of this ‘gold standard’ always leads to failure and misery.

Gold and other precious metals have taken center stage from the time people started trading. Use the book to discover the essential role gold plays, but also how people and institutions have abused it (and still do).

Author Bart Brands himself says the following about gold:

“Gold is eternal. Gold is fair. Everything but gold inevitably fails. Gold is, as far as I’m concerned, the ultimate and only real form of money. Gold is the king of money and money of kings.”

A ‘monetary endgame’ is currently playing out before our very eyes. Find out for yourself some insights ‘Chaos without gold’ can give you and how you can use this knowledge for your own (financial) situation. The book can contribute to setting up a financial safety net. This is one of the reasons why this book is also worthwhile for crypto investors. Gold and crypto have similarities. Both gold and bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies can play a role in creating this safety net.

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Not yet very familiar with (investing in) gold? Then get in touch with you now to register with Gold Republic. In addition, you will receive a gram of gold after you deposit €100!

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