Recently signed at Real Madrid but wants to leave: Offer to sign Carlo Ancelotti

At the moment the player is in the infirmary so he is not active in the pre-season but in the meantime he is thinking about his immediate future which could lie at a club far from Spain.

If this game novel with the real Madrid seemed to be over, a new sequel is coming soon and Carlo Ancelotti can’t believe it. The footballer’s agent in question fought tooth and nail for several months to have his mandate renewed. But playing a very minor role Florentino Perez he’s thought about it enough.

In the end, the player was renewed until 2027, and just as he was ready to step into the preseason, he suffered an injury that left him inactive for several weeks. During that time, the 27-year-old footballer received several calls to change clubs, but he declined. Except for one where an old acquaintance is looking for him and the midfielder appears to want to leave.

Carlo AncelottiReal Madrid
Dani Ceballos has just renewed his contract but his move to the Premier League is just around the corner.

Dani Ceballos considers leaving Real Madrid and sacking Carlo Ancelotti

Dani Ceballos and sources close to the merengue club have confirmed that this latest offer seems to worry the player. Apparently, the Sevillian hasn’t refused it, although he hasn’t replied to it either, as he analyzes all the scenarios. The proposal came from England and was signed by Aston Villa, where his coach is Unai Emery.

The Fuentes manager and the Utrera midfielder have met before, in the Premier League. However, it was back then at Arsenal that they split for about three weeks. The fact is, the former Villarreal boss is currently enlisting the talented midfielder’s services to make him one of his untouchable starters.

Carlo Ancelotti’s recent signings could edge Ceballos out of Real Madrid

It doesn’t take an expert or a seer to know that the former Betis midfielder won’t feature in the madridistas’ starting XI. If they’ve renewed his contract, it’s because the Italian coach has other side goals for him. The player will have minutes, but there will be very few games where he starts as a starter. That goes for the signings of Jude Bellingham, Arda Guler and Brahim Díaz, all midfielders.

In addition, Eduardo Camavinga, Federico Valverde and Aurélien Tchouaméni have high expectations for this season. Finally, the presence of two veteran but talented players named Luka Modric and Toni Kroos would leave Dani Ceballos without a chance. Therefore, the Sevillian is still considering the offer from Aston Villa, where Unai Emery believes he will enlist the player’s services.

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