Rebels Gaming Raises €7,000 for Unicef with ‘Golpe de Fondo’ Tournament

In the world of the internet, multiple social network options often generate controversies, but they can also be incredibly beneficial and serve greater causes. A great example of this is Rebels, a club founded by David De Gea that recently hosted a charity paddle tennis tournament to support UNICEF Spain.

The initiative, held last Saturday, attracted over 7,000 euros for projects helping children, and brought together prominent personalities from football, paddle tennis, and social media influencers. Guests included Sergio Reguilón, Mista, Fernando Morientes, Raúl Bonsi, Delantero09, Cacho01, Dani García Lara, Jero García, and David De Gea himself.

The tournament format featured 15 couples competing in a group stage and single elimination bracket. Champions were crowned Dani García Lara and Javi Guerrero, with Quini and Marcos Alberca finishing as runners-up.

The event promoted the values of sport and healthy competition, but its primary purpose was to support UNICEF’s defense of the rights of over 460 million children living in conflict zones. The initiative raised 7,164 euros, including David De Gea’s personal contribution during the tournament broadcast.

David De Gea thanked all attendees and emphasized the importance of such initiatives, saying it was an honor to give visibility to UNICEF’s great work. He also left open the possibility of a second edition.

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