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Rebel MP calls for Sunak to be replaced as Tory leader before election

Rebel MP calls for Sunak to be replaced as Tory leader before election

Rishi Sunak is still on the phone. The British “Prime Minister” was able to put down an uprising in his ranks at the last moment last week as he dealt with the controversial proceedings Rwanda plan. But his leadership remains questionable. Proof of this is the tough article signed this Wednesday Simon Clarkeone of the hard core leaders there is calling for a new primary because, in his opinion, “the simple truth is that Rishi Sunak will lead the Conservatives to an election where they will be massacred.” “Sunak is not getting what the UK needs” He stressed in an article in The Telegraph, a bible for the Tories, that the leadership change process could be completed in a week to avoid “a decade of decline.”

Clarke, who has held several government positions in previous cabinets, recently voted against a plan to deport immigrants arriving in Rwanda via irregular routes and has emerged as one of the prime minister's biggest critics, although his criticism marks a turning point in tensions.

Some newspapers such as The Telegraph itself claim that 30 letters could have been sent to the president of the 1922 committee – 52 were needed to implement a motion of no confidence. Others don't give much credence to the information. But the truth is that no one dares to ensure with absolute certainty that Sunak will stand as a candidate ahead of elections scheduled for the second half of 2024.

Forcing a change in leadership with just months left before elections could seem like suicide. But in a desperate formation anything is possible All polls predict defeat and thus the end of more than thirteen years in power.

The leader of the Labor opposition, Keir Starmer, a big favorite to be Downing Street's next tenant, used these differences to attack Sunak in the government scrutiny meeting this Wednesday. According to them, Tory MPs themselves believe that Sunak “He doesn’t understand his country” and that's why they ask to replace it urgently. “The difference (between the two) is that I have changed my party while he (Sunak) is being harassed by his party,” Starmer said to boos from the opposing bench.

To raise his profile before the prime minister, the Labor leader recalled that in 2008, when he was sending criminals to prison as director of the Attorney-General's Office, Sunak “made millions betting on the misery of workers during the financial crisis”. as a banker. Investment.

The chief executive responded that it was Starmer who did not understand British values, as shown by the fact that he had expressed them in the past, according to Sunak for the “abolition of the monarchy”. And he adopted the Conservatives' main line of attack against Labour: the investment plan 28 billion pounds (33 billion euros) annually in green infrastructure. “How will he pay for this plan? I can vouch for him: with more taxes,” snapped Sunak. The Prime Minister believes his project is working and that Labour's green plan would only take the country “back to square one”.

A poll published last week by The Times found that Labor is in the lead with 47% of the vote, while the Conservatives are in free fall with 20% and 8% for the Liberal Democrats.

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