Realme is one of the fastest growing technology companies in the market since its foundation in May 2018. This young brand was born within the mighty OPPO and thus they share a lot of essential technology for their products.

Now, however, we see a first sign that could indicate the separation of the two brands, or at least a greater independence between Realme and OPPO. This after the disappearance of the first products from the official OPPO online store in China.


Realme withdraws its products from the OPPO Mall store in China

According to the ITHome publication, it is no longer possible to find Realme products in OPPO Mall. It is important to note that this is the official online store of the Chinese technology company OPPO and where we can also find various OnePlus products.

This is Realme GT Neo 3. Credits: Trusted Reviews

Now, if the user follows any link to the Realme section, he will be faced with the following message: “This product has been removed from the shelves, let’s find other products.” Please note that also the tag subsection has been removed from the app.

However, the official Realme Mall store is still operational and has the usual portfolio of brand products. So Chinese users now need to head over to Realme’s standalone store if they want to buy any of their equipment.


While no reason has been advanced for the disappearance of Realme from OPPO Mall, the independence of the young brand seems to be the reason. This is the thesis that gathers the most consensus among the publications related to the technology sector.

It would not be the first time that a sub-brand has separated from its founding company after achieving great success in the market. Take, for example, the separation of Redmi, which now operates independently of Xiaomi.

Realme was one of the fastest growing brands in recent years, even in a pandemic context and with the smartphone market shrinking. Therefore, it is not surprising that the next step is greater independence from OPPO, with its own decision-making structure.