Realme TV Stick: this is the price of the Google Chromecast rival in Europe

Realme has already gotten used to its followers to launch certain products first in India and then in Europe. The brand recently launched its Realme Google TV Stick in India and is now preparing to bring it to Europe.

On an exclusive Android Planet website, an official Realme source said that this dongle will arrive in Europe in December. And the product will be available in two versions.

Realme TV Stick will be available in Europe in 2K and 4K versions

As revealed, Realme TV Stick 2K and Realme TV Stick 4K will be available. The same source states that these will have a price of € 54.99 and € 69.99, respectively. What is in line with the competition.

Realme TV Stick

The difference between the two variants is, as the name indicates, the resolution. And although this product can also be seen as a rival to Xiaomi Mi Box S, it is closer to what the latest Chromecast offers.

Realme TV Stick has Google TV as the operating system

The product will not come with Android TV, but with Google TV. Also, it will have a command so that it can be controlled more easily. In this same command there are shortcuts to Google Assistant, YouTube, Netflix or Amazon Prime Video.

Realme TV Stick

This product is connected to the TV directly via HDMI and has a micro-USB port, which can be powered by a USB port on your TV. It also has a quad-core processor and 8GB of storage.

We will pay attention to the availability of this product, as it could be quite attractive due to the possible price-quality ratio that it promises to offer.

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