Realme MagDart: the first magnetic charger for Android with up to 50W of power

Realme smartphone company launched today MagDart, the first wireless magnetic charger for Android.

It is the world’s fastest wireless charger with 50W of power, which was introduced along with the new Realme Flash, the first Android smartphone that supports this type of charging, and other magnetic charging accessories.

The new MagDart charger comes with two different power versions (15W and 50W) and a powerbank.

O 50W MagDart Charger includes a cooling system that is able to keep the device’s motherboard at the right temperature and reduce heat by providing a constant flow of air. In this way, the charging power can be kept at maximum for longer.

O 15W MagDart Charger measures just 3.9 mm. This design places the motherboard and magnetic coil on each side of the charging cable, making the base of the charger thinner with a single charging coil. Furthermore, by separating these two heat sources, it is possible to reduce the temperature rise and extend the charging time without sacrificing power.

O MagDart Powerbank and special charging base. These two devices can be connected and become a vertical charging station.

In addition, the powerbank can charge the cell phone while charging itself while in the base, so the user can always have it ready to charge the phone anywhere. It incorporates a vegan leather and aluminum design to make a unique device.

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