Real Zaragoza triumphs with a new David Villa striker

The board of directors and the coaching staff have met a player on whom they plan to bet heavily on the future

The historical records of Real Zaragoza have always been linked to very positive work on the attacking front, where strikers like David Villa and Diego Milito they certify it. Both have been the only ones to have scored 4 goals in the same game, although in completely different facets.

In the end, the way things are going, that will be one of the tools to be used by those in charge of managing the club. That is why they are allowed to raise the name of Raul Rubiothat with the subsidiary, the Deportivo Aragon He has just equaled the feat and leaves his style very present to show himself in front of Jim.

Raúl Rubio, the new star of Real Zaragoza

Identifying a new David Villa is important for the future of Real Zaragoza

At the moment things in the planning are going as stipulated. The academy footballer is working and is ready to start joining the first team. It is absolutely necessary for his sporting evolution, and for him to find the level that everyone expects within the team.

It should also be noted that the coach is not comfortable with what he has in that position and continues to monitor options. He likes his, and more so because he is a player projected for the future, one of those who give the possibility in the short term and who also have a lot of gas to leave a good profit margin later.

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Sabin Merino can be the big stone in the shoe

Despite all the name of Sabin Merino, the most recently signed for that position makes things very complicated for him. His status and the possibility of immediately joining the plan could stretch his debut in the first team; although JIM is well known to be a fan of the new blood in the sport.

So everything is exposed to a very competitive future, and that is being marked by the boss’s decisions. For now, the young talent continues to work on what corresponds, hoping to be the third in history to make such a difference but in an official competition.

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