Real Zaragoza makes a decisive decision with Larrazabal

Taking advantage of their last goal in La Liga SmartBank, the blanquillos define the side’s course for the well-being of all

One of those cases in which it is not well understood what has happened, the Real Zaragoza has ended up yielding to one of its great stars painted in the future as is the case of Gaizka larrazabal. Today, the lane or side in left profile shines with the SD Amorebieta, including scoring a goal that has sealed the win for his team against Real Valladolid.

It is enough to see the freshness with which the footballer is shown match by match to notice that a healthy environment makes their qualities explode. On Saragossa right now they are missing a player of that caliber. And there are even those who say that it is not surprising that he ends up signing his return according to the contract that still governs him.

Larrazabal Amorebieta
Larrazabal is very close to his return to Zaragoza

Necessity drives and Real Zaragoza does not want to miss January the date on which the return of Larrazabal becomes official in the team

Seeing and analyzing the general performance of the hand box gives to understand the urgencies that Juan Ignacio Martínez accuses. And it is that in general, Larrazabal groups several arguments to think that the objective may be closer. They have a huge advantage, which still belongs to the team. So it is normal to see and understand that from January it will be very simple.

Another thing is to determine the taste of the player, who with SD Amorebieta has found his level and is enjoying absolute continuity. In fact, he has been very favored with the scheme, the approach and the way of seeing the sport by his coach. When he is or plays as a lane, he has shorter routes and is easily integrated into the attack, to the point of reaching the area with options to score.

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With this news, JIM hopes to make the final leap in the team

Currently located in square 16 with the same number of units, Zaragoza needs to start reacting to rise to the occasion. His coach runs with the responsibilities and is being very questioned. So it is believed that the recapture action they have in mind will not pass in January.

The player has already been notified and they are on the verge of holding meetings with SD Amorebieta with whom there is a signed contract. The assignment goes until the end of the season and that limits. Therefore, the penalty must inevitably be paid, which for their benefit is much less than having to complete the workforce by conducting market searches.

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