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Real Zaragoza lowers demands to sell French


The young defender has great teams interested in his signing

Alexander French is one of the players Royal Saragossa for which they have asked the most in recent transfer markets. Markets in which the Aragonese team has not reached any agreement with any team, as their economic demands were very high. So much so that they ended up frightening all the teams interested in getting their services.

However, now the situation could have changed. And it is that the Royal Saragossa He has not had the desired start to the season, as is also the case with Alejandro Francés. Under the orders of Juan Carlos Carcedo the computer has not finished bootingas well as the young footballer has not done.

French Saragossa
Alejandro Francés loses prominence at Real Zaragoza

Hit of reality to Real Zaragoza

Currently, the Aragonese team occupies the seventeenth position in the Santander League after adding 2 wins, 2 draws and 3 losses. Very poor numbers for a team that sees history repeat itself. And it is that his objective is to fight for promotion to the Santander League, but the performance on the pitch is the opposite.

This season it seems that the team will also stay a long way from the top of the table, so the priority will once again be to secure the category. A goal that has also ended up being that of recent seasons after some very questionable league starts.

French lowers the level at Real Zaragoza

As far as the young defender is concerned, his situation has also been complicated. Under the orders of Juan Carlos Carcedo he does not finish starting and his minutes on the pitch have fallen. In fact, he has gone from being one of the regulars in the starting eleven to only playing 57% of the minutes. Poor numbers for a player who has attracted big clubs.

Villarreal CF and Sevilla FC were some of the teams interested in signing him, but Real Zaragoza accepted his termination clause of 10 million euros. Now that its level has dropped, its price could also drop. And it is that the group could choose to let the player go for a price close to 7 million euros to try to maximize his benefits in the face of his drop in performance.

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