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Real Zaragoza finds a new buyer with a galactic project

The white club has the enormous opportunity to continue growing and this time based on the investment of a very influential group in the world of sports

In the midst of the growth plan at Real Zaragoza, a buyer has appeared in the last few hours who has every intention of adding a robust share package. That group is called Orlegi Sports and is one of the most representative and powerful of Mexico. In this way, a window has been opened that is closely linked to this effect in recent times.

This company is commanded by Alejandro Irarragorri, a Mexican who has Basque roots and who seeks to impose himself in Spanish football to give his idea greater projection. Experience counts, and as expected in football he already has several actions invested. Especially in their country, where they control the reins of Santos Laguna and the current champion, the Atlas.

Zaragoza signing
Real Zaragoza is about to see their actions out of the ordinary

The buyer of Real Zaragoza has great support based on a strong economic structure

To speak specifically of the financial support that happens to the investment group, these facts must be analyzed specifically. They have focuses on: Sports and Entertainment, Real Estate Development, Agribusiness and Insurance Brokerage. What marks the way a little and is exposed from what they have done before.

Santos Laguna was taken on the verge of relegation and today they have him in the top 5 clubs in Mexico. Several titles and rankings to international competitions that speak of their level. 30% of its shares belong to TV Azteca, and they also have other visions including in the second category with Tampico Madera.

The idea is to provide the club with tools to improve its sporting level

No one talks about figures anymore, but it is clear that in order to reach these levels, various efforts must be made that are marked by the common goal. The meetings are agreed to begin to determine the viability of the operation, managing the definitive values ​​and, to a certain extent, the details.

Level players, investments in making training more technical and marketing work to boost the club’s coffers are some of the signs that can already be determined. The measure is very good, but as in everything, there is always a period of speculation that must be faced first.

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