Real Zaragoza already knows what they have to pay if they want Cordero at the controls

Real Zaragoza already knows what they have to pay if they want Cordero at the controls

The vacancy in the Blanquilla sports management is still active and it has been offered to the current transfer manager at the Tete club, but the new shareholder will not let him out just like that

With the goodbye of Juan Carlos Carcedo and Miguel Torrecilla, the Real Zaragoza started their journey by hiring new executives and now they are going for Lamb. On the board of directors led by Jorge More (majority shareholder of the Maño club) have determined that the sports director of the CD Tenerife He is the right person for the job.

The main problem is that the man from Cartagena still has a contract with the club tete and from the general direction of said team they have already announced that they will not let it go so easily. In fact, Jose Miguel Garridothe new majority shareholder of Tenerife, has already sent a message to everyone in the Saragossaexplaining the only way to sign Lamb.

Zaragoza Lamb
Cordero has felt comfortable with the leadership of Miguel Concepción, but the arrival of José Miguel Garrido has hindered everything.

The signing of Juan Carlos Cordero will cost Zaragoza 1 million euros

One of Garrido’s statements before taking control of the Chicharrero team regarding Cordero, is that if the club wants the services of the sports director, they must go through the box. Later he indicated that he must pay the clause of 1 million euros that is present in the manager’s contract.

In the Blanquillo group they know that the Murcian is uncomfortable with the new policies with which the new shareholder of Tenerife will arrive. For this reason they believe that they have a great margin of negotiation to convince the sports director, and the truth is that it is so. However, the main drawback continues to be his contractual obligation with Tenerife.

The reason why Cordero does not feel good at Tenerife and is seduced by Zaragoza’s offer

With the announcement of José Miguel Garrido as the new majority shareholder of the Tenerife club, new problems arose for the sports director and for the coach Luis Miguel Ramis. And it is that the “new owner” of the blue and white squad is beginning to negotiate some renewals of players who do not enter into the plans of the coaching staff.

This action has made Juan Carlos Cordero think that his management is redundant in Tenerife and for that reason he is contemplating passing on his resignation letter. The initiative is also driven by Zaragoza’s offer, since it is a real challenge to work for such a historic team. The decision is on the table.


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