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Real Zaragoza 4 new signings from Zaragoza secure promotion Jesús Carames – December 21, 2023 – 3:00 p.m

Julio Velázquez has changed the face of Real Zaragoza since his arrival, asking the club to sign four players to fight for promotion

Juan Carlos Cordero has a lot to do. The sports director is already active in the transfer market and we already know it Which positions does Julio Velázquez want to strengthen at Real Zaragoza?. The club’s idea is to raise the level of the team, believing that with the right signings they can fight for promotion by the end of the season.

Currently, after the draw against Levante UD, the experienced team is only five points away from the playoff places. A very short distance for a league as changeable as LaLiga Hypermotion. That’s why J.Juan Carlos Cordero will do everything he can to get the best signings for Real Zaragoza. And some already have first and last names.

Juan Carlos Cordero has prepared several new signings for Real Zaragoza
Julio Velázquez reveals to Cordero which positions he would like to strengthen

The signings Julio Velázquez is looking for for Real Zaragoza

As we have learned in the last few hours, Real Zaragoza is working on the arrival of a goalkeeper, a left-back, a midfielder and a striker. These were Julio Velázquez’s demands to the sports management, which blindly trusts his coach. Therefore, they work to fulfill their demands.

As for the goal, it is the position that has the most doubts. They are looking for a player who can compete with Cristian Álvarez, but there is no firm favorite. Quite the opposite of what is happening Pep Chavarría, who is the big favorite to strengthen the left-back position. In fact, it could be the first model to hit the winter market.

Baby, a striker and a midfielder

Additionally, Another player who is getting closer and closer to Real Zaragoza is Baby. Work was underway on his return last summer, but no agreement was reached with Rayo Vallecano. But now everything has changed and the footballer could end up returning to the Aragonese team. But it won’t be the only newcomer from the First Division, as we have already seen.

In addition to signing a true midfielder, the club is also looking for a striker. Karrikaburu was the big favorite, but Marciano Sanca has gained whole numbers in the last few hours. Be that as it may, Real Zaragoza has a very busy transfer market coming up. And there are several positions to strengthen and the club is prepared to make an economic effort.

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