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Real Valladolid studies a madness to sign Gonzalo Plata

The pucela team needs to meet the great objective of the season to undertake the signing

The Ecuadorian attacker Gonzalo silver, share with the Israeli Shon weissman the labels of the most valuable players that the Real Valladolid. However, the South American winger is only on loan, since his sports rights belong to the Sporting Lisbon. That is why the sports management pucela, plans an operation to get his pass.

Silver reached the Valladolid club earlier this season, just as the team was once again returning to the second division. Although his participation in the Pacheta squad has not been very active, the coach considers him an interesting piece to fulfill these functions. Given this, the coach also supports the idea of ​​signing him as property, but first they must comply with the great goal of the season, ascend.

Valladolid Gonzalo Plata
Gonzalo Plata is very close to playing his first World Cup with the senior team.

The two steps for Valladolid to undertake the signing of Gonzalo Plata

The first step that those led by Pacheta will have to achieve to approach the signing of the Ecuadorian, is to get promotion. In fact, in the contract between the Pucela team and the Portuguese team in the transfer of Silver, it is stipulated that if Valladolid returned to LaLiga Santander, the option to buy it was an obligation. The second step is already a matter for the sports management, and is based on reducing the transfer fee.

Fran Sánchez will be in charge of lowering the figure of the 10 kilos in which the purchase of the Silver rights was determined. And is that for Ronaldo, president and owner of the Blanquivioleta squad, the price that the Lisbon club set is somewhat high. Therefore, once Valladolid is back in their habitat (first division) they will negotiate the transfer price.

Pacheta also has an important role in the signing of Plata by Valladolid

In addition to leading the expedition to the Golden League, the coach also has another important role to undertake the signing of Gonzalo Plata. The coach is giving the Ecuadorian a few minutes, and this could trigger the player’s disinterest in continuing to act with the Blanquivioleta elastic. Valladolid may meet the first two objectives, but if the attacker does not want to stay at José Zorrilla, the above will be of no use.

Since his arrival at the Valladolid squad, the right winger has only had 524 minutes spread over 9 games. Despite this, he has managed to score 2 goals, but even so the coaching staff considers that he needs to be a starter. Ronaldo could intercede with his coach to increase the chances that the Ecuadorian will have more time in the sports field and why not, appear in the headline.



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