Since Pacheta has taken command of the Real Valladolid apart from the words of adornment the feeling is the same, absolute uncertainty. Coach it has not been able to curdle an important team that is capable of leaving behind the bad results As a result of his appointment, and with the passage of days the situation becomes untenable.

But that the answers are in the field as discussed in the previous ones, is their direct responsibility. There is no endurance and the worst part of the relationship is seeing how it assumes reality. Very much Guardiola, there is a lot of talk about the process although what is really palpable is left aside. In fact, the draw in his field against Malaga is the reliable example of this postulate.

The margin is shortened, but given Pacheta’s passivity, it is very common to see people’s responses to his work. Social networks have shown it, and in fact it shows. The new tie in José Zorilla is the payment to a team that has attack volume, but lacks finishers as it once had.

He said it in the previous one, they faced a happy team that will make things very difficult for them. Regarding what is happening, he has said that they are facing a very long and tight competition, which although it seems complex to understand is defined in the months of January onwards. Suddenly you see teams that start full blast and then crash. And the same thing happens in the adverse, teams that do not go well and get into the Playoffs. Unrecognizable analysis.

The entry of some youth has made the theme harmonize. Some casualties due to injury or sanctions plus those summoned to their national teams are giving the sample. To do this, it states that the calls should be eliminated and thus give more rhythm to the competition. In addition, it has culminated by saying that in the draw in Ponferrada they have been applauded, but then it is the points that rule.


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