Real Steel 2: director hopes to have Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds for the sequel

Now it will be almost ten years that some viewers have been waiting for a sequel to the robot fight of Real Steel. Rather appreciated by critics and having accumulated $ 300 million of world revenues, the second part had all the difficulties in the world to be able to go into pre-production. Made by Shawn levy, currently on sale for Free boy (with Ryan Reynolds in the title role), Real steel 2 could be quickly started by Disney. Speaking to, the filmmaker responsible for the saga Night in the museum He explained wanting to meet again under the same movie. Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman (already present in the first) as he is aware that these two famous actors are lifelong friends:

Ryan reynolds, who has been campaigning for a long time to dead Pool Y Glutton reuniting in a single movie can make your wishes come true, but in Real steel 2. After your interview, Shawn levy explained that he only recently spoke with Hugh jackman of Real steel 2 when they realized that the first film had once again enjoyed strong popular enthusiasm when it aired in Netflix. Therefore, barring great surprise, we should know about the project again in a few months.

“Well I’ll say this, Hugh and I have never stopped loving Real Steel, and it’s almost as if that love has grown dramatically over the years. Hugh and I were literally together last week to talk about it. So I would say never say never for this sequel. Besides, I’m friends with Hugh. I’m friends with Ryan. I will gather them. Whether it’s Real Steel or another movie, I’ll be directing these two amazing guys and these two friends in a movie. ”

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