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Real Sociedad’s great sacrifice signs Odriozola: he will be the judge

While Roberto Olabe works on the return of the right-back who doesn’t want to spend more time at the Santiago Bernabéu, Aperribay doesn’t know how to tell another Real team right winger that he has to leave.

Act, consequence, with this effect it works real company that he already knows who will be sacrificed to sign Álvaro Odriozola. The sports management, led by Roberto Olabe, is aware that it is necessary to carry out the return of the San Sebastian wingerthere must be at least one exit in the defense lot.

At a meeting between the sporting director and the coaching staff, which is led by Imanol Alguacil, they agreed on who the outgoing player would be when Odriozola arrives. Logically, the victim should be a player playing in exactly the same position as former Bayern Munich. But also a resignation, which has long been on the agenda of the Oriotarra coach.

Odriozola Royal Society
It was not surprising that the one sacrificed to sign Odriozola would be Álex Sola, an offshoot of Bailiff playing in the same position.

Once Odriozola lands at Real Sociedad, Álex Sola will leave

It is already entirely certain who will be the player who will have to leave San Sebastián to create a field for the 27-year-old winger. So is right-back Álex Sola, who already knew his fate from the start but didn’t want to pay attention. It was clear that it had to be the former Numancia that was sacrificed as Hamari Traoré (the other money in this area) has just arrived at the Txuri Urdin team.

What has shocked the 24-year-old is that the team weren’t clear with him from the start and he could be leaving and left without a team within hours of the market closing. And it so happens that Solas agent is not processing any serious offers at the moment as that is only a remote possibility from Alavés. However, it could become a noticeable alternative.

Roberto Olabe works in the Odriozola operation for Real Sociedad and Álex Sola for Alavés

At the same time, the sports management of San Sebastian has a lot to do with this double operation a few hours after the market closes. On the one hand there is the return of the former Fiorentina winger, a maneuver that has taken longer than expected due to the lack of full consensus between both entities. However, now they have to agree.

On the other hand, Olabe tries to communicate with the Vitoria team, the only one who had a real interest in Álex Sola. It’s also a goal that might please the player as he will continue to play in the Premier League. The operation would basically be a transfer as he still has a contract with Real Sociedad until 2026. However, a definitive transfer for just over 3 million euros is not out of the question.

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