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Real Sociedad pushes Atlético to overpay for Javi Galán

The battle between the mattress team and the Txuri Urdin team officially begins to sign the talented left back, who asks for a clue to leave the Celtic entity. Who will take the excellent player?

Unconsciously, Javi Galán is playing his last games at RC Celta, as he could leave for a new team like Atletico Madrid. That is allowed by Real Sociedad, who is also very close to the environment of this talented left back. Apparently, the Txuri Urdin club has come to the bid with the firm intention of signing him as property.

At Atlético it is understood that they want the signing of Javi Galán, as a replacement for Reinildo Mandava, who will be in the mattress infirmary until October. He would also take over from Sergio Reguilón, a player who did not convince anyone and will return to Tottenham. But in the case of the San Sebastian team, it seems that neither Aihen Muñoz nor Diego Rico are satisfied with Imanol Alguacil.

javi athletic heartthrob
The team that is closest to signing this talented player is Atlético, but Real Sociedad is cautiously approaching.

Without specific figures, Atlético is destined to pay more for Javi Galán

The only thing that is known so far is that the winger from Extremadura has a base price of 12 million euros, and his contract at the Celtic house goes until 2026. Its clause only increases 4 million (16 kilos) but the idea of ​​the Galician team is to get more money. With Real Sociedad and Atlético around the operation, it will be more than a fact.

There is still no talk of specific figures, everything indicates that the Madrid club will have to increase the offer that it had already made to Celta. This with the objective that the real squad does not take over the signing of the winger, in a proposal that could be better. However, Andrea Berta believes she has the perfect formula to convince the Celtic team, without investing so much money.

Atlético could take Javi Galán for less than 2 million euros

If the rojiblanco sports director’s plan goes well, the signing of the left winger could have a cost of 2 million euros or less. This is because the mattress team intends to place one of its players in a barter operation. But, if Diego Simeone doesn’t have more full-backs in that area, then who will they offer?

Berta has come up with the idea of ​​returning Manu Sánchez, who is on loan to CA Osasuna, and does not have a purchase option. The man from Madrid is valued at 10 million euros, and they would lower the 12 in which Javi Galán is valued. The operation has a lot of future, since the winger has performed very well in the Navarrese discipline.

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