Faced with the threat of losing the Belgian international, the decision has been made to confront the issue radically

The problem marked in Real Sociedad regarding the continuity of Adnan Januzaj. The Belgian is for the idea of ​​not signing his contract extension before the offers that come from everywhere and that has forced the San Sebastian board of directors to have to take action on the matter.

After several meetings and after seeing this process involved in incursions aimed at systems such as the big data, it has been concluded that the best indicated is Juan Mata, who is going through a bittersweet moment in the Man Utd. In fact, his father has already been spoken to and advanced conversations are being held about it.

Royal Society Juan Mata
Juan Mata is in Manchester United’s outbox, and his transfer would take place in January.

Januzaj has already gone into rebellion and the Royal Society takes action on the matter to avoid losing its evolution in the game

Atlético de Madrid has the first option, a team that has offered him not only a better salary but also a better environment in general. Therefore, contacts with Juan Mata have been advancing and it is believed that it is time to point it out. The Manchester United midfielder is in the last year of his contract and therefore would be a free option.

In addition to his talent, he has experience, and that is a point to take into account. His current situation in England plays in favor and that the player has expressed his desire to return to Spain. Although Valencia CF was initially involved in the fight, everything indicates that Real Sociedad is now the club that is tightening the rope better.

The will of Juan Mata is linked to the intentions of the club

Without minutes, without the possibility of having them and after receiving the refusal from the coach, his only option is to return to his country. Fortunately, Real Sociedad offers him that chance, in addition to the fact that it is a team with a high flow of activity, which fights at the top of the table and almost always has a place in European competitions.

All of this is aimed at starting operations in June, since at the moment it is very much on top and it does not seem that Januzaj is willing to accept an immediate exit. He wants to leave with his pass under his arm, that is the least the agreement he has with the team that is interested in his services.


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